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Biodanza School - a school for life!

A new cycle of the Southern Cross Biodanza School in Australia opens 18-20 October, 2024

One encounter can change your existence. One dance can clear your eyes and re-organise your perception. One music can open your heart. This is what we discover with Biodanza. One moment, one vivencia, can change life.

You may have felt the gift and power of this already in weekly classes and workshops. Now imagine this amplified by a journey of weekends travelling with a group of fellow life-dancers. A precious and deeply life-enhancing voyage of experiences and adventures.

If this invitation calls you, we invite you to listen to that which is alive and dancing within you and read on to see whether this journey is for you and how to apply.

Biodanza Southern Cross School - Australia

You don't have to know if you want to facilitate or complete the whole program to begin. We invite you to let the dances and your experience guide you . . .

The Southern Cross Biodanza School, Ngunnawal Country Australia is accredited by the International Biodanza Federation. It is one of 209 IBFed Schools world-wide in 35 countries following the original curriculum developed by Professor Rolando Toro Araneda.

The Biodanza School is unique for each person, opening doors for re-births and discoveries of new possibilities. People enter the Biodanza school for different reasons.

This is why there are different pathways ~

Deepen your experience in Biodanza

The first 20 modules can be undertake for your own process and enjoyment that will also develop existing facilitation skills.  They involve weekends of deepening sessions of Biodanza and exploring underpinning theories and ideas. They are based on a variety of subjects related to the human sciences, philosophy, the arts and human development.

Minimum commitment – 3 months

Train to be a Biodanza facilitator

28 modules and 2 optional seminars with post-module feedback, supervision and thesis.

See below for details

Course structure

The course is made up of 28 modules done in person. You need to complete most of Part 1 and course work before applying to start methodology.

Kate has co-directed two cycles of a Biodanza school, has been an active Biodanza facilitator since 2002 and has worked as a facilitator in a corporate and government career for over 30 years and as a team and executive coach for 8 years. She brings all her knowledge and expertise in adult learning and facilitation into the design of the weekends.

The teaching team will include Kate and experienced and talented didactic teachers from around the world.

Weekend program

Each module is composed of 4-5 sessions of Biodanza and 6 hours of theory. The theory sessions are offered to stimulate and engage you with plenty of interaction and exploring.

This is not school as you might know it where you sit down and read, this is alive and enlivening learning and experiencing.

Most weekends run from Friday – Sunday
Fri 5pm – Check-in opens

Fri 7pm – Program starts

Sun 3pm – Program finishes

Course pre-requisites

Biodanza experience

It is a requirement to have 50+ hours of experience in Biodanza sessions to join the program. It is also essential to participate in regular Biodanza before and during the school if it is available in your area.

Especially if you are intending to become a facilitator it is important that you have been in an ongoing journey with Biodanza yourself.

If this is an issue because of where you live, please get in touch and we can talk about your options.

Making an application

Contact us to find out how to make an application to join the Biodanza School.

Readiness for methodology

Before undertaking methodology and facilitator certification, applicants needs to meet with the school director to assess together your readiness to undertake the final part of the training.

What previous participants say about the Biodanza School

‘Taking part in the Biodanza facilitator training gave me far more than I ever imagined. Not just the teaching but the connections, support and heart warming relationship with each other as we learned and danced together’ Alan, mindfulness teacher and Biodanza facilitator

‘I had done weekly classes for a couple of years with Kate and Claudio and had really loved and needed that experience in my life. And at the same time, I also knew that becoming a Biodanza facilitator was not for me. But doing approximately the first two thirds of the Biodanza school (up until the beginning of the methodology section)  for my own personal development was a great, challenging, and life changing experience for me. It really helped me open up more to life.’ Patrick, Biodanza participant

‘Biodanza goes beyond being a “therapy” because it proposes a complete program for living. My personal experience of Biodanza’s power to “bring it all together” was that it spoke to me equally as a researcher and a dancer of life – and provided opportunities to actually live the connections between them.’  Rebecca – dance therapist

‘Doing the Biodanza School has been a life-changing experience for me. When I started, I was an extremely logical, rational, thought-based person, disengaged from my body and my emotions due to my upbringing and life circumstances.

Throughout the school, I kept gradually discovering my body and the walls I had around my heart that prevented me from feeling life fully, melted away. None of this was forced or intentional. It all happened naturally, month after month, as I trusted the process, the didacts, the school director, and the group more and more, and as I allowed the dance and the music to shape me into a more complete version of myself.

I will be forever grateful for my decision to do the Biodanza school.’ Gabriela Borgognone , Biodanza facilitator and scientist

What next?

Email us for an application pack –

Read the school documents including the School Regulations as per the requirements of the IBFed and dates.

Complete an application.

Applications open until the end of Sept 2024.

Have questions? Please get in touch with or Agnes –


Railway Barracks Dance Retreat

The Railway Barracks is a purpose-built dance retreat venue, with a wonderful setup for hosting a Biodanza group. It has beautiful wooden floors and floor to ceiling north facing windows and a big fireplace in the dance space.

There is a well equipped kitchen, dining room and shared rooms for up to 40 people on-site.

Selected weekends will be hosted within 2-3 hours from Sydney and/or Canberra due to specific requirements for some modules.

TRANSPORT - Getting to Goulburn

We will organise a chat group to coordinate lifts, car-sharing and shuttle sharing. 

From Sydney

By car – Goulburn is a 2 hour drive from Sydney.

By train – trains leave at 12noon from Central station on Friday. (see

Flying – If flying we will help organise car pooling for lifts. If getting the train you need to arrive in Sydney bv 11am to get a midday train, booked ahead. If flying Sunday car-pooling will work best.

From Canberra

Flying – If you fly into Canberra we can arrange for car-pooling from Canberra to the venue or you can uber, get a bus or hire a car from the airport. The airport is 10mins from the city centre.

By car – Goulburn is a 1 hour drive from Canberra

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