Event Details

Biodanza FREE CLASS – 14 August

Join us in a celebratory Free Open Session of Biodanza to start Term 3.

Kate and Claudio invite you for a Free Opening doors session of Biodanza. Biodanza is movement and dance that brings you back to life. The dance, social connection and music light up your vital energy and restore a feeling of well-being.
A great opportunity to invite people that you feel might enjoy a night of dancing, music and social connection.
Everyone is welcome!

In Biodanza you move, learn and grow with a weekly touchpoint of re-connection with yourself. There are no steps to learn, nothing to get right. Just music that invites you to move, express and feel more alive.

Biodanza is a system of human development through dance that awakens our health, wellbeing and “joie de vivre” at a deep, cellular level.

The movement and music help relieve your stress and tension, uplifts your mood and often leave people with a sense of connection to the bigger “dance of life”.
These free taster events are popular and there are limited places so jump in and book yourself a place.
Everyone is welcome whether you have done Biodanza before or not. It’s a free open event but please book in so we can keep track of numbers.

What to know

  • No dance or other experience is needed.
  • We invite you to dance barefoot if possible and to bring yourself a water bottle.
You can also read more about Biodanza here –


When: 14th August
Time: 6.30 pm to 8.15 pm
Where: Flourish Yoga, 1st floor, 28 Mort St, Braddon

Your facilitators

We are both fully accredited facilitators of Biodanza, Kate is also Director of the Biodanza School of Australia.
We have been practicing Biodanza in Brazil, South Africa and Australia for many years. Claudio had his first class in 1994 and Kate in 1999. We love Biodanza and what is brings into our lives and it is a pleasure and a joy to share it with people. We look forward to meeting you on the dancefloor.
A few words from CLAUDIO – Movement and dancing, specially Biodanza, has been an integral part of my development as a person. It was the supporting system behind every main big decision I took in my life since the early 90s. When I see a person move, I see the whole beauty and complexity of the human spirit in action – not just in words or titles.
A few words from KATE – I’ve been working actively as a Biodanza facilitator for 21 years. From weekly groups to executive teams to social projects in South Africa I believe in the power of dance and Biodanza to unlock our human potential for joy, creativity and expression. I practice Biodanza because it invites me to keep unfolding into deeper connections within, with others and with life.

Book your place for the free class!

Moving with Life – 7 Week Series

After the Free taster, there will be a 7-week series of Biodanza. Weekly is when you really feel the magic of Biodanza as a space to rekindle and nourish yourself.
Kate and Claudio will take you on a 7-week journey of discovery – offering space to nourish and enliven your vitality, expression and more pleasure in living.
In this 7-week series we will focus on dances and music that support you to feel that you can move together with life, rather than resisting it. Invitations to develop more sensitivity, ease and enjoyment in listening to life and moving from an integrated space within.
Starts: 21 August – Finishes: 2nd October
Earlybird Price: $215 for the term – Full price $250
Please contact Agnes at if you have any questions.

We love dancing, we love people and we love dancing Biodanza with people!