Biodanza is about growth and development through movement, dance, music and connection in a group.

Start to move, feel the music and feel yourself come alive, present, in-the-moment and full of possibility.

Kate and Claudio have been practicing Biodanza for more than 20 years. They trained in South Africa, Brazil and here in Australia.

Transforming moments in Biodanza have been behind many of their major life decisions and from this they bring a depth of experience and humanity to their facilitation. 
They facilitate Biodanza with sensitivity, soul, and passion inviting people to live with more open hearts and a deeper reverence for the life that moves us all.

“When I see a person move, I see the whole beauty and complexity of the human spirit in action – not just in words or titles.” Claudio

” I believe in the power of Biodanza to open our hearts and bring out innate human potentials for caring – for ourselves, each other and life.” Kate

Kate is a Director of the Biodanza School of Australia training Biodanza facilitators. Claudio danced Biodanza for a decade in Brazil before coming to Australia and founding the Sydney Zouk scene. Together they facilitate Biodanza groups and workshops including the Minotaur Project.
Biodanza - Kate & Claudio

“Have you ever danced until you flew? Danced so hard, so fast, so freely that you reach a level of overwhelming, ecstatic joy? If you haven’t you should – it can change your life.”

– Mike Aldridge on Biodanza, Ecstasy through Dance, Namaste magazine, Vol 9

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'Cast all your votes for dancing' Hafiz

The pandemic has made many of us more aware of the need to care for our emotional and mental health and wellbeing. The Biodanza system offers a progressive, evidence-based approach to wellbeing rooted in years of research and experience in the human sciences.

Biodanza sessions give you space to move you out of the ‘stress loop’ of overthinking and get you back into your body, leaving you feeling more relaxed and good within your own skin.

With a regular practice of Biodanza, you can reconnect with your passion, hope and dreams for the future. You may feel a sense of renewal and confidence in facing life with its challenges and possibilities.

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“Dance as an expression that belongs to everyone, as a possibility to go and say with the body everything that the word cannot express.”
– Elodie from Belgium.

Read about Elodie’s journey in Biodanza. Read more >

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Biodanza for staff wellbeing

Biodanza is great for supporting staff wellbeing, innovation and teambuilding. It lifts the mood, brings down the barriers and gets people laughing, enjoying themselves and connecting in a different way.

Specific groups of Biodanza can be run in settings related to integrative medicine, rehabilitation, education, psychology and psychotherapy.

“What if the path to an organisation’s well being did not involve arduous teambuilding exercises, long winded meetings or harrowing negotiations but something as simple and pleasurable as dancing?”
– Christo van Staden on Biodanza, Let’s Dance, Sunday Times

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We are social beings but modern life can be lonely.

Loneliness is as a big risk factor to our health, some research shows it is as damaging to our health as smoking 15 cigarettes each day. Biodanza is social. Its a space a space for you to move and dance and to share and connect.
“I’m feeling wonderfully relaxed and uplifted… I feel good and strangely optimistic about everything… Many of the classmates head off to dinner together… (I am) feeling an amazing bond with these people… Biodanza is like that, helping you to make connections.”
– Geoff Dalglish, Grab a Partner, Mens Health

You can do Biodanza because you love dancing and connecting socially, you can also learn and grow with Biodanza as a personal growth and development journey. Read more about this >

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