Origins of Biodanza

Rolando Toro Araneda developed the Biodanza system. He was a psychologist, researcher, poet and teacher inspired by science, art and love. He was fascinated by human potential that could be expressed by expanding our consciousness and developing ethics based on affectivity.

Rolando Toro Araneda (Chile, 1924-2010) developed the Biodanza system. He held the Chair of Expression and Art Psychology at the Pontifical University of Chile, Institute of Aesthetics. He was also a Professor at the Center for Anthropological Medical Studies of the Medical School at the University of Chile.

His intention was to create something that would re-educate our broken gestures, that we would re-learn at an affective level and give life to a view that we all matter, that we are all connected.

His vision was to restore in people to our original link with our species as a biological whole.  He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work with Biodanza.

On the origins and emergence of Biodanza, Rolando wrote:

“Biodanza has emerged discreetly in my life. It has gathered strength slowly, awakening people’s interest, causing surprising changes in some participants, and above all creating a feeling of “epiphany” and hope in life. Biodanza arose in my personal experience and soon I discovered that its structure could be based in the life sciences and most particularly in biology.”

“Music was the universal language, the only thing everyone could understand in the Tower of Babel of the world. Dance was the ideal form capable of integrating body and soul. The dance experience offered all participants happiness, tenderness and strength.”

Today there are more than 240 schools of Biodanza worldwide, read more about the international movement of Biodanza here.

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