Come back to life with Biodanza!


Biodanza offers dance as a shared experience that supports your mental health and a feeling of wellbeing in everyday life.

We are Biodanza facilitators that live, work and dance on Ngunnawal country in Canberra and surrounds. 

We run Biodanza groups in Canberra and retreats, workshops and facilitator training.

what is biodanza?

Biodanza is a way to move towards what you want for yourself. To express, heal, move and grow in new ways.

Biodanza is a system of human development through dance, music and and social engagement.

In a class you both ‘shake out the stress‘ and learn to slow down in movement and be more present to yourself and others. By moving between these states through music and dance Biodanza supports a reduction in states of tension or chronic stress. Its a wonderful way to come back home to yourself and re-discover your joie de vivre!

You don’t need to a dancer, just willing to stretch your comfort zone a bit to try something new.

biodanza - move, connect and grow

Biodanza is somatic in nature and works well as a complement to talk therapy and more cognitive approaches to wellbeing. It is also social and supports emotional self-regulation and co-regulation.

We have more than 20 years of experience with Biodanza. As facilitators we hold space for you. Space to rediscover yourself through dance and movement.

We are committed to making a contribution to the current challenges of mental health and loneliness we face at this time through Biodanza.

Get in touch to come and try Biodanza in Canberra or a weekend workshop with us.

Watch a Ted talk about Biodanza

Claudio teaching Zouk




What moves you, changes you! If you’re ready to get moving, get in touch about biodanza in Canberra or biodanza workshops

team facilitation

We also work with facilitation using biocentric, life-centred methods to support teams to grow and learn together.

We make it easier for groups to click, explore edges and find their best path forward. We offer engaging, enlivening experiences because what moves people, creates change and opens possibilities.

Get in touch with us about facilitating team planning and strategy sessions, team building and creative journeys.

who we are

We are unsual hybrids - we work in the world of business and government as coaches and facilitators and also facilitate Biodanza in Canberra with music, dance and community.

Kate has a background in development and communications. Claudio comes from senior roles in IT management. In Canberra we coach executives and teams in the APS and also dance!

We bring together substantial private and public sector experience together with thousands of hours coaching and facilitating people and groups.

Our ‘dance between worlds’ and personal commitment to dance with life inspires us and our work with people. We would love to meet you and explore working together – in the office or on the dancefloor.

If you’re ready to get moving, get in touch

Image: Teambuilding with CocaCola FEMSA, Philippines
I’m feeling wonderfully relaxed and uplifted…

I feel good and strangely optimistic about everything…

Many of the classmates head off to dinner together… feeling an amazing bond with these people… Biodanza is like that, helping you to make connections.
– Geoff Dalglish, Grab a Partner, Mens Health

Professional, creative, intuitive, empathetic, most of all brings the element of fun in work...

…that can be very hard (working with change in individuals and companies) yet with unequivocal results.

– Zola Gule, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Facilitator at Leadership Pathways Consulting

If you’re ready to get moving, get in touch

we are all life and all of life dances.

Untangle my feet

from all that ensnares.

Free my soul.

That we might Dance

and that our dancing

might be contagious.