The Biodanza School is an exquisite path for realizing your potential for healthy, vital, creative and pleasurable living. It may even be the beginning of a new expression of work as a Biodanza facilitator.

An encounter can change our existence, a dance can open our eyes and re-organise our perception, a piece of music can open our heart again.

This is what we discover with Biodanza.

One moment, one vivencia, can open and change life for us.

You may have felt the gift and power of this already in weekly classes and workshops. Now imagine this amplified by a journey of multiple weekends, travelling together with a group of fellow life dancers.

This is not just a life-changing journey but a precious and deeply life-enhancing voyage of experiences and adventures.

Ask people who have done the Biodanza School and you will see something come to their eyes and their smile. A precious remembrance of  an experience that it is hard to put into words and yet felt and known in every cell and fibre of their being. If you want to know what the School journey has meant to others, have a read on the following page.

In its own unique way for each person the School course facilitates fresh starts, re-births, discoveries and or re-discoveries of new possibilities for you, your relationships, how you feel and how you live.

People enter the Biodanza School for different reasons and there are different pathways from the Biodanza School. You can join the school program to become a facilitator or for yourself, to travel with a group through a transformational journey.

Contact us for more information about the next school cycle in Australia

My experience within the Biodanza School of Australia was one of the most inspiring and uplifting forms of education I have ever experienced. The course fostered a sense of love and support for my personal journey, whilst teaching me the core elements of the Biodanza system. . . As an osteopath, I value research based approaches and well presented course material, and I found both within the Biodanza School of Australia. I look forward to being a part of the next school!
Melissa – Osteopath

It is essential to have 50+ hours of experience with Biodanza before joining the school program. Get in touch to find out about Biodanza in your area or Request a Biodanza workshop in your area

Current Cycle

The Biodanza School personal development and facilitator training program takes most people 3-3.5 years. It is composed of weekend modules and a practical supervision period. A cycle commences every few years in Australia. The current cycle of modules has been run between Canberra and Sydney and will be completed in 2022.

Next Cycle

Applications will open for the next school cycle later in 2022.  You need 50 + hours of  Biodanza experience to apply for the training program. If you don’t have a weekly Biodanza group in your area, you can get your practice hours during workshops.

Read the previous BSA3 Invitation to Apply for an idea of the curriculum.

If you are interested in the next cycle of the Biodanza School starting late 2022, please get in touch. We look forward to connecting with you.

Please write to us at about the Biodanza School in Australia

“Biodanza goes beyond being a “therapy” . . . My personal experience is that Biodanza has the power to “bring it all together” and that  spoke to me equally as a researcher and a dancer of life and provided opportunities to actually live the connections between them.”
 Rebecca, Dance Therapist