The Biodanza School is a dynamic, exciting and deep path for realizing your potential for healthy, vital, pleasurable and meaningful living.

It offers fresh starts, re-births and discoveries of new possibilities for you. In your relationships, how you feel in your life and how you live. It may even be the beginning of a new expression of work as a Biodanza facilitator.

You may have felt the gift and power of Biodanza already in weekly classes and workshops. Now imagine this amplified by a journey of multiple weekends, traveling together with a group of fellow life-dancers in a precious and deeply life-enhancing voyage.


People enter the Biodanza School for different reasons and there are different pathways from the Biodanza School. You can join the school program to become a facilitator or for yourself, to travel with a group through a transformational journey.

My experience within the Biodanza School was one of the most inspiring and uplifting forms of education I have ever experienced. The course fostered a sense of love and support for my personal journey, whilst teaching me the core elements of the Biodanza system. . .
Melissa – Osteopath

It is essential to have 50+ hours of experience with Biodanza before joining the school program. Get in touch to find out about Biodanza in your area or Request a Biodanza workshop in your area

Last Cycle

The Biodanza School personal development and facilitator training program takes most people 3-3.5 years. It is composed of weekend modules and a practical supervision period. The last cycle of modules ran between Canberra and Sydney and was completed in 2022. 

The most recent cohort of 7 students graduated after supervision at the Biodanza Encounter July 2023.

Next Cycle

Applications will open for the next school cycle later in 2023 or early in 2024.  You need 50 + hours of  Biodanza experience to apply for the training program. 

If you don’t have a weekly Biodanza group in your area, you can get your practice hours during workshops.

Read the previous  Invitation to Apply for an idea of the curriculum.

“Biodanza goes beyond being a “therapy” . . . My personal experience is that Biodanza has the power to “bring it all together” and that  spoke to me equally as a researcher and a dancer of life and provided opportunities to actually live the connections between them.”
 Rebecca, Dance Therapist