Journeys with Biodanza

There are many options out there for growth and development. You have found one that works with vivencias of dance, music and human connection - welcome to Biodanza.

How do you start a Biodanza journey?

A journey with Biodanza starts with you having a regular practice in an Orientation group and weekend workshops or retreats.


Some methods offer a path to personal growth by talking. Biodanza is a bit different in that you move, feel and dance more than speak. Biodanza inverts the triangle that places thinking intelligence at the apex. Instead it activates the wisdom of your whole being – body, emotions and mind.

It is a human development system that supports psychological, physiological and biological integration. It draws on the universality of human traditions to celebrate life with music and dance and the power of the creative arts to enable healing and growth. Biodanza is inspired and guided by the life sciences of biology, anthropology and psychology. It encourages health and life within people and nourishes pathways for growth.

After doing some Biodanza orientation terms and workshops, you can join a weekly group of Integration or Autopoeisis. In these groups Biodanza is different from individual therapy and ecstatic dance  in that it works with an intentional container of a group. The commitment to a deepening group is a commitment to your own growth journey for a period of time.


“Can two and a half hours really make a difference to how you feel about your body? My experience is it can. … I sashayed over to my car, a big grin inside and out, feeling as if I had shifted and shaken loose something critical and controlling within. I realised how seldom I listen to my body’s wisdom and how often I override its needs and pleasures. If I am to learn to truly love myself, what better place to start than with my body?”

Rosemary Miller, Movement into life, Odyssey

When we bond to technology more than trees, to social media instead of people, there is loneliness and disconnect. We need experiences that link us back to awe and wonder


You can also do a range of workshops based on myths, archetypal situations, creative proposals and transpersonal psychology.

With 50 hours of Biodanza practice you can apply to a Biodanza School cycle.

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Vivencia - a transformative element in Biodanza

A vivencia is an intensely lived experience of presence happening in the here and now. You can experience a vivencia in any dance of Biodanza.

 Vivencias are personal moments of awareness that can be surprising and quite transformational.

Many people experience a sense of expansion and spaciousness in vivencias in Biodanza. They often point the way to feeling more alive, present, in-your body and free.

In an ongoing journey with Biodanza, you tend to experience more and more vivencias as you dance.

Successive vivencias in Biodanza progressively enliven your potential for living with more vitality, pleasure, connection, creativity and transcendence.

Many Biodanza participants report they sleep better and feel more energy available to live and focus on what' most important to them.

Published, peer reviewed scientific research into Biodanza at the Psychology Faculty at the University of Leipzig in Germany showed weekly participation in a course of Biodanza increased optimism about life and self-efficacy and reduced levels of anxiety and strengthened the immune read more >

“I arrived home in the late afternoon, also strangely lamb like, in a very laid back state. Not once did I snap at my children or husband (something I usually do at least three times between 6.00pm and 8.00pm) and by 8.30pm I’d fallen into a deep sleep. My dreams took me to Buenos Aires where I proudly swivelled my hips, tossed my head and kissed the mirror.”

Marianne Holtman, The move we’re talking about, Shape magazine

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Vivencia is an ancient human potential, it is not invented by Biodanza.

Biodanza simply offers a way to experience vivencias in modern life, where we need ways to feel connected.

Biodanza simply offers a way to experience vivencias in modern life, where we need ways to feel connected. Because we are bonding to technology instead of trees, social media platforms instead of people. The invitation in Biodanza is to directly reawaken messages of life within us. To nourish links within ourselves and with others and to open pathways towards futures where we express a deep reverence for life in our everyday existence.

“Biodanza is about learning to dance with life and rediscovering the pleasure of living.”

Rolando Toro Araneda, Biodanza Founder

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