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This event finished on 03 July 2023

Are you desiring to start your week enjoying Biodanza?

Claudio and Kate will deliver this 9-week series where you can enjoy a progressive immersion into a greater variety of dances and vivencias.


The main objective of Biodanza is improvements in your quality of life and a sustained sense of plenitude, pleasure and creative, loving ease. With Biodanza a process of growth and evolution can be realized through weekly courses and workshops.

Biodanza is progressive. It allows physiology and psyche to have organic time to incorporate new or remembered information and ways of being. Life has its own timing and the Biodanza process respects this.

A regular practice gives space for chronic tensions to start dissolving and more joy to appear. You may feel yourself more relaxed and comfortable in your own skin with lower stress as your nervous system harmonizes into a new balance.

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