Event Details

This event finished on 01 April 2023

“Biodanza is about learning to dance with life and rediscovering the pleasure of living.” Born in South America, today Biodanza is enjoyed all over the world!
This is a progressive series of Biodanza to cultivate positive states of body, heart and mind. Each week is a re-set away from stress towards joy, contentment, health, freedom, satisfying relationships and enjoyment of life.


What you can expect of the term?

* Music, dance and movement that free your natural flow and energise your intentions
* Inspiration and experimentation with free and guided movement
* Uplifting social connection, fun and enjoyment
* Shifts in terms of vitality and movement in your life in body, heart and mind!
It takes to stabilise the effects of Biodanza so the joy, positivity and possibility you experience each week infuse your everyday life. Our wish is that you have more than a temporary, feel-good experience each week. Our promise is to bring you a series of sessions that enliven your potential for ongoing vital, joyful, pleasurable living.

Your facilitators:

These facilitators bring years of Biodanza experience, love and dedication to their facilitation of Biodanza. They all love Biodanza and have had their own journeys of growing and learning through the system. They share this as the facilitate to enliven, inspire and support you in your dancing journey across the weeks.
* Jean Sum – Biodanza facilitator under supervision, Biodanza School of Australia
* Peter Elliot – Biodanza facilitator under supervision, Biodanza School of Australia
* Kate Clement -Director, Biodanza School of Australia