Facilitation for teams

As Facilitators we make it easier for your team to explore possibilities and make actionable decisions.

Because recycling stale arguments wastes time, drags down morale and promotes groupthink its good to have support with the facilitation of group planning and strategy sessions. This supports a high performance team culture that leverage differences and enables tensions to become the seeds of solutions, rather than disengagement.

We facilitate conversations that create space and trust and this allows your team to open up, share views, exchange ideas and make meaningful decisions.

In this way you can tap into into emergent possibilities and enable team communication. Often team morale improves as a result of people being able to safely have their say and be part of decision-making.

We are trained in CoResolve, Biocentric Education, Biocentric Systems for Organisations and the PEP program. We facilitate:

  • Teambuilding events
  • Team coaching
  • Planning and strategy sessions
  • Improving team communication
  • Getting ‘unstuck’ from polarised positions

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We offer enlivening lived experiences that move people.

And when people are moved, they are motivated to create, contribute and connect. We design 'out of the box' experiences that develop your team and create spaces for creativity and connection. This has always been important but as more people work at home or in hybrid arrangements, these human dimensions of work have become more important in teams.

HBO Design engaged us to work with Coca Cola in the Philippines during a change of ownership. We facilitated spaces for executive, management and more than 500 operational staff. The processes brought them into a more ‘real’ space with each other, surfaced ideas and concerns and helped them to chart a new way forward. 


ANU Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student and University Experience)

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