Student Thesis

Healing the Divided Self – BSA thesis – Claudio Gomes (CLICK TO OPEN)


The pursuit of mental health and well-being is a deeply personal and complex journey, one that often encompasses a variety of therapies and approaches to healing. In this monograph, “Healing the Divided Self: Exploring Biodanza as a Humanistic Path to Mental Health and Well-being,” I share my unique perspective and experiences in seeking mental health through various treatment modalities, ultimately discovering the profound impact of Biodanza on my life.

I strive to strike a balance between the academic rigor of research and the personal, introspective nature of my experiences. Although the initial chapters focus on the historical and philosophical context of conventional medicine and mental health treatments, my personal journey with Biodanza remains the cornerstone of the narrative. My aim is to engage readers, whether they are Biodanza educators and enthusiasts, or the general public, in a discussion about the benefits and limitations of conventional therapies, as well as the unique aspects of Biodanza.