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Expressing the courage to live this one precious life with fullness and meaning.

The labyrinth represents our path through life and the Minotaur our instinctual energy to live, express, love and face the unknown. It is a very special Biodanza workshop that is often transformational and echoes throughout time in your life.

“(The Minotaur Project) is where Biodanza finds its ultimate manifestation, allowing you to transcend the barriers and fears that stand in your way to living a truly joyful and incredible life.” R Toro

“The Minotaur Project presents a safe and long tested methodology to discover one’s own identity. Its proposition is to get in contact with our instincts, with the primordial force that exists in us. It uses an old Greek myth and a current ritual, where the labyrinth represents our walk, permeated by doubts and enigmas. It symbolizes our internal path, a search for oneself. “M L Pessoa



Starts: 6 pm – Friday 7 July

Finishes: 6 pm – Sunday 9 July

If possible we recommend you also stay Sunday at the Barracks to support your integration. We will leave after breakfast on Monday morning.

Venue: Railway Barracks Dance Retreat

Prices incl. workshop and accommodation (Fri-Sat)

Earlybird until 30th June- $590

Full price – $660

Extra night at Barracks – $80

This is a workshop for those with a regular and committed Biodanza practice. Please contact Agnes if you would like to express your interest.