Event Category: Workshop

Existential Creativity Biodanza Workshop 3 Aug at Balanced Yoga Our life force is naturally creative, not just in producing things but in being a part of the creative cycle of existence. When this is flowing, when there is connection, a sense of relatedness, it is natural for joy to arise. It is easier to flow […]

Chrysalis awakening and archetypes of transformation Biodanza Workshop 31 August at Balanced Yoga When the moment arrives to welcome a new stage an extraordinary stirring of vital energy takes place.  The impulse that the caterpillar feels to move out of its formlessness and into a shape to fly can also be awoken within us. It […]

“Neo-Shamanism involves the revival of the ancient wisdom of Shamans, whose healing powers and human evolution stemmed from their integration with the forces of nature.” – Rolando Toro Araneda Join us for a transformative workshop of Biodanza and Neoshamanism with Nenel Manuel Dias from Brazil. Immerse into dances and rituals nourished by the roots of […]

Connection and presence Biodanza Workshop 5 October at Balanced Yoga An invitation to dance new stories of relating and move closer to the quality of connections that nourish, support and bring you joy. Developing our ability to create healthy bonds and links with ourselves, others and life is at the heart of the Biodanza system.  […]

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