Biodanza Additional class

Biodanza – dance to reduce stress and brings you back into the pleasure of moving your body with wonderful music, playfulness and connection with other people. Inviting you back to the Life! within you and your vital strength and possibilities.



What is Biodanza?

Biodanza is about feeling alive, present, integrated and connected through human development involving movement, dance, music and connection in a group.

Join us for a class of Biodanza and get a boost to your vitality. Dancing that shakes off the stress and welcomes back joy. Everyone can do it, no steps to learn. Connecting, uplifting and enlivening.


Terms & Conditions

  • In purchasing this product you recognise that while we take every care as facilitators, you are responsible for your own care during the classes and that any injury is not the responsibility of the facilitator or Biocentrica.
  • It’s valid for 2 months after purchase.
  • All payments made via this website have an added credit-card fee on top of the advertised price. This fee is added to cover the cost incurred by the payment gateway Stripe. As of 22-Nov-2022 this fee is 1.8%.
  • Other payment methods, e.g. via bank transfer, are also available on request but incur a fee of $10 to cover admin costs.
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