An innocent little invitation 

When I was little I had a fantasy of being in a big hall and dancing around freely and happily with music I loved. I was always mad for dancing – Irish, jazz, contemporary, flamenco or just on the road outside our home to my own song in the rain, I had always danced.

From early on I got that I wasn’t cut out to be a ballerina. I wasn’t skinny and I didn’t like just repeating the same thing again and again but that thankfully that didn’t stop me dancing. It just kept dance as a hobby and closed the doors having a profession that involved dance, or so I thought.

Until along came an innocent little invitation to a latin aerobics class. “Let’s go check it out, it will be fun and the music will be great.” Well my friend was right, it was all of that and wow so much more!

At the time that I did my first Biodanza class I was 29 and living in Joburg in South Africa working in an environment and development NGO. And I wanted change. Change in my life, change in my feelings and change in what I saw around me, in the larger world. Talking and writing about social change had become empty for me. I wanted to get out of the office and experience real change, with real people – directly. 

About a year prior to this I had been through some tough personal experiences that had rocked my faith in people. During my own healing journey I came to feel that positive change in a person, a community, a society couldn’t come only from external systemic change. It needed internal change within people. I wanted this for myself and I wanted to offer this for others too.

So when I heard Carolina, my first facilitator, announce the first course of Biodanza facilitator training in South Africa – I felt myself pulled right towards it. I had no idea what Biodanza really was but it felt magnetic to me and the timing was just right.

So I leaped and  twirled and spun and flew and embraced and rolled and stumbled and tumbled and flowed my way through the next three years of Biodanza training. Wow, what a glorious ride it was, a blessing that arrived just at the moment. A ride that eventually took me to all manner of places all over South Africa – little villages, township clinics, government departments, fancy hotels with CEOs and their teams. All the while sharing the dance of life.

It was deeply moving, challenging and marvellous. I had found a calling that I loved it and I got to dance and contribute to people finding more joy, more health and more fulfilment in life.

I feel an enormous gratitude for everything Biodanza has brought into my life including bringing me into contact with the feeling of life as an amazing dance continuously unfolding around and within me. If the chance to do Biodanza does happen to come across your path, I invite you to take notice; our destiny has a way of finding us, sometimes in disguise.

If you already ready for that experience then come, leap in and sign up for a class or send us an email to


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