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Join us for a free Biodanza class on Tuesday 2nd April in Braddon. Everyone’s welcome, whether you’re already a Biodanza fan or a first-timer!


Moving and connecting with ourselves and community is so important for our wellbeing.
Biodanza offers a space for movement, expression, dance and community connection.
You don’t need to be a dancer to do Biodanza, just be willing to try something new.
“Biodanza is about learning to dance with life and rediscovering the pleasure of living.”
Biodanza awakens your “joie de vivre” – passion for life! It’s a fusion of movement and music that uplifts your mood and leaves you with a sense of connection to the bigger “dance of life”.
As social creatures that have evolved to move and connect for our wellbeing. Biodanza offers a space for this – there is movement, dancing and connection with yourself and others.


Tuesday 2nd of April

6.30 to 8.15 PM

Soulution Yoga – Braddon

Limited spots, please BOOK YOURS HERE