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“Let the head meet the heart, the internal world of thoughts meet your emotions,

Leave all the baggage behind, off your shoulder,

Let pleasure meet your thoughts,

Let your dreams be filled with the pleasure and the desires of the heart.”

Veronica Toro & Raul Terren (Directors, Biodanza School of Buenos Aires)

Dreaming, imagining and intuiting connect us with what is possible beyond the limitations of our thinking, calculating mind. They take us into the ‘magical garden of possibilities’ that Jung described as our intuitive state.

We all have the capacity to imagine and intuit our ways towards living the relationships, work, homes, adventures and creations that we deeply desire. When things don’t look as we think they should, it does not mean we need to give up on them. Perhaps we just need to visit the magical garden.

Join us on a dancing journey into expansion, plenitude, playing, listening and connecting with the direction of healthy instincts for your life. Activating the inner conditions that support you to keep moving towards your dreams and desires.

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Embrace the New Year with its new Dances and Dreams: open new doors and possibilities through dances and processes to energise your intentions, let go of old structures and make space for more creativity, abundance, and joy in the coming year


Dates +  Times

After the Saturday sessions, there is an optional river swim and bring and share dinner.


We start with Biodanza in Nature and s bring and share breakfast, then move to the venue for the remainder of the day.



🌟 Earlybird until 6 JAN! $260 🌟

Full price from 1 Jan – $320

Sat or Sun only – $140 earlybird– $160 full price



Bookings are no longer available for this event.