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Elemental Archetypes – 4 Animals 

Sydney Biodanza Workshop 

with Kate Clement and Heleen Fourie 

The Elemental Archetypes -4 Animals Sydney Biodanza Workshop invite you to dance in terms of their qualities and movements. Being danced by archetypes is a direct route to the collective unconscious – the great storehouse of human wisdom and evolution.  

Shamanism and healing all over the world are inspired by the power of animals. How they move through the world, express their instincts, and capitalise on their strengths and abilities. 

Dancing them gives us access to ancient wisdom on keeping our instincts alive and well. 

If you are feeling this moment right now is ripe with potential and something stirring at a deeper level, this weekend offers a container for what is ready to be danced within you. 


About the Workshop 

The 4 animals

In the Elemental Archetypes -4 Animals Biodanza Workshop, Kate and Heleen will invite you to welcome the power and gifts of 4 animals in dance and vivencia. 

It’s great if you have some experience with Biodanza and a willingness to deep dive into a supportive and transformative group container for the weekend. 


Dates and Times
The Yoga institute 
1/498 Miller Street Cammeray – Sydney


 Places are limited so if you are keen to be part of this workshop, we suggest you book in early. 


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